What is Romulus?

Romulus is an Document Intelligence Platform that helps Fundamental Investors collect, organize & discover facts that can inform their investment decisions

All the public info you need & more

Exchange Filings, Conference Calls, Annual Reports, Investor Presentations and much more. Monitored & digested, organized to aid discovery & idea generation.

Watchlists and Smart Searches help you customize and curate.

Unlock value from your Private docs

Broker reports, your call notes, IC Notes, Conference Handouts, news clippings and all the information you've collected over the years form your valuable private research library.

This information might be spread across hard drive, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, External Hard Drives or your email inbox.

With Romulus you can finally unlock its full potential.

Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime

Romulus is designed to go on the road with you, be it a factory visit, a broker conference, your investee company's annual day, a cab ride to the airport or simply working from home.

Romulus is 100% web-based and accessible across devices. All you need to get started with Romulus is a browser and an internet connection.

Annotate & Collaborate

Romulus enables inline annotations and highlights to documents that can be easily discovered & accessed by your entire team.

Romulus' Notes module is designed for collaboration between teams especially when summarizing the contents of a document for other team members.

Enterprise Grade Security & Privacy

We take User Privacy and Security seriously.

Romulus enables admins to provision, administer and control team member access without the needing any IT help.

Our ISO 27001:2013 certified business processes ensure that our customer data is secure and encrypted both in rest & in transit.

Customizing Romulus

Romulus can be customized to meet your specific needs and to suit the Research process that works best for you.
Romulus Tech can be used to to build custom products to serve your customers or handle other use cases.

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Under the Hood

Computer Vision

Romulus is able to extract data from scanned documents, equity-images and much more using best in class computer vision and optical character recognition (OCR)

Natural Language Understanding

Romulus understands references to people, companies, concepts, legal terminology, jargon and develop contextual understanding

Knowledge Graphs

Romulus creates a powerful map of data extracted as well as interlinkages between various documents, entities, people & concepts

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Our Institutional Customers

We're proud to power some of India's premier sell-side research teams as well as a number of Indian & global buy-side firms


We're a team of engineers, data scientists & product folk led by founders with more than a decade each of engineering experience at Goldman Sachs

Prashant Vijay


Prashant spent a decade at Goldman Sachs New York in technology & trading roles before building & scaling data products at IHS Markit. He is an alum of Tulane University & ISB Hyderabad

Hari Balaji


Hari spent a decade at Goldman Sachs designing & marketing derivative solutions across Hong Kong & Singapore. He is an alum of IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Madras.